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My name is Jeffrey Marbury.  I help the seasoned hair salon stylist/owner, who feels left behind with technology, to catch up, level up, and thrive in today’s digital marketing world.  

 I am a career Customer Service and Support professional with a concentration in Information Technology.  I have always had an interest in learning how things work; so much so that my parents used to dread buying me new toys because they knew, sooner or later, that I was going to take them apart.  That curiosity led to a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and a variety of positions in the IT space, ranging from Desktop Support Technician to Client Services Manager.  

So, why hair salon websites, you ask?  

Blame it on my lovely wife of 20+ years!  She is a hair stylist/salon owner.  She has seen a nice level of success in her business but at one point, realized that she needed to make a change to keep pace with her ever-evolving industry.  This entailed, among other things,  creating a website, which she asked me, being the technical one in the family, to help her to build.  

I agreed, and in doing so, opened up a whole new career interested for myself.  While creating websites is fun, I also enjoy getting to know the humans behind the business.  It is the only way that I know to be able to have your personality properly represented on your pages.

Click the link below and let’s get started on your journey!  I’m excited to meet you!

Headquartered in Union, New Jersey.  HBCS Web Design will take away the frustration that can come from not knowing where to start when designing a web space.  

Allow us to work with you to determine your business or personal needs, and then efficiently transform them into a beautiful website that you will be proud to have represent your interest.


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